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Judge Steve Curry is once again incarcerated… please keep him in your prayers, and his wife. I don’t have much new information concerning this issue…

Here is the indictment against Bruce Doucette…


 Public notice: 24th NOTICE OF FRAUD: We the de Jure People in Colorado Assembled


Great information on the Court of record Hosted by Justice Micky located at:

Court of Record Videos on Youtube, click here


I have not vetted this, but one of our members has… do your own research.

Letter to the Daily Camera Boulder County News, by Rodger Dowdell

Colorado State (Statutory) Grand Jury Indictment against the “De Jure People”


UNLAWFUL: Florida Constitutional Revision Commission

Important News!


Over the years there have been several people that have been alarmed by the rhetoric, behavior, and attitude of (Judge) Bruce Doucette and Michael Hamilton. The issue is that he has been going far outside of the concept of  “We the People” into defining his own version of Government, not restoring the Republic. Including the erroneous idea that the Judges or the Judiciary has control of the Continental Marshalls program, or that he has jurisdiction where non existed. Our roles have been defined and we are bound by our oath to observe those boundaries… otherwise, we are no better than the De Facto.

Previously, a number of people had already separated themselves from Judge Doucette for this very reason. In fact, one group hired an investigator to find out how much truth is in Bruce’s claims. The Investigator could not find any proof that Judge Doucette had achieved any Ph.D level of education. No patents, nothing to support his acclaimed 175 IQ (which is substantially higher than Einstein), no Ph.D., no thesis papers, nothing…  just unsubstantiated claims and behavior.

As a preliminary please read this document written by Judge Anna:

Bruce Doucette handing out badges where he has no authority to do so… By Judge Anna

Now, Judge Anna von Reitz, in her official capacity has published the following concerning Bruce Doucette (please click on the following title link for the full aricle as posted:

An End to My Association With Bruce Doucette and Michael R. Hamilton By Judge Anna

Some time ago there was a Conference call that was focused around the following document:  https://fourcornersdoctrine.wordpress.com/narcissism/ of accusations.

Other items as reported are as follows:

By reason of articles I – III, the separation of powers doctrine, and article IV section IV of the Constitution for the united States of America, ratified in 1789, the unconstitutional appointment of first and second de Jure Continental united States Marshals by Doucette or any other judge, is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.  Nowhere in the aforementioned Constitution can it be found where any judge has the “power of appointment” or authority to create an office

The inference deducible therefrom is that there is a premeditated intent to accomplish a precise act which the supreme law of the land prohibits.  By reason of the foregoing and the following legal maxims which demonstrate that Mr. Doucette lacks the firm moral standing to uphold his oath of office as a de Jure Superior Court Judge.

It is impossible to have a republican form of government when one or more of the People purporting to be a de Jure Superior Court Judge and Marshals are creating positions and/or appointing People to will fill those positions.

Nowhere can it be found where any lawful de Jure Superior Court Judge has authority or duties outside of a court room. By reason of Article I Section 2 Clause 2 of the Constitution for the united States of America, ratified in 1789, Doucette was never given a lawful commission or authority by the People to run around the country like an ambassador to transact business for the People. Nemo duobus utatur officiss. No one should fill two offices at the same time. 4 Inst. 100.

During one such example of this type of unlawful behavior after a court case in Rio Grande County on August 22, 2016,  Doucette denied Judy Lucero’s unalienable right to present her son’s case before the  De Jury Peoples’ Grand Jury Administration in Colorado.  Doucette has no authority to determine grand jury intake or violate anyone’s rights pursuant to Article I and IV of the Constitution for the united States of America, ratified in 1789.

Final Note: Last year I came to the same conclusion as did Judge Anna (and others) concerning the behaviors and attitude of Bruce Doucette. My concerns were based very closely along the same arguments as Judge Anna’s. When I brought up the issues at the time, I was shouted down because very few people saw what I did… The final straw for me was when Bruce went far out of his Jurisdiction by changing the Oath of Office for the Utah group and personally swearing in people without vetting, large numbers of well intentioned people. He did not have the authority to change the Oath, nor swearing them in, or adding a signature line on the oath for him to place his signature. Yet he continued doing things that were far outside of his jurisdiction and authority.

Since I could not morally accept Bruce’s behavior, as well as what he was saying and his false teachings, I disengaged myself from any association with him as well as participating in the conference calls  that he hosted. Without wanting to cause any fracture in what we are trying to do, I separated and disassociated myself with him as a Judge and as a patriot privately. I do now, and have always believed that he has and had good intentions, but by his exuberance, he went way over the line in spite of a lot of interactions by many people to pull him back in line; he has refused to reign himself back in.

Because of this, people that follow him will very likely end up paying the price, perhaps by even by going to jail. This is no Joke people…

Now that there are a number of concerned people including Judge Anna that have come forward, I am adding my voice to the others and announcing publically my own dis-association with Bruce as a Judge and a Patriot until he is willing to back down and work within the boundaries of the Public Trust… and his fiduciary responsibilities as a Judge; or stand down as a Judge. It is with a sad heart that I have to make this public announcement.

Judge Gary D. Darby

Whenever you get any ticket or summons from the

De Facto courts;  always…

“Challenge Jurisdiction”

Do NOT let them just claim jurisdiction, put their feet to the fire and bring charges against the Judge if you have to… Due Process is a Constitutionally Protected Right!!! If we do not stand up to these Corporate Judicial Dictators, then we have NO RIGHTS! I will be posting suggestions on how to do this in the Judge Darby section…



Jefferson Mining District


Affidavit of right of suffrage,

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Hill v SEC Fed Case – Administrative Courts have no authority

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In Memory of Robert LaVoy Funicum

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Freedom’s Cry By the Daughters of Robert LaVoy Funicum



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40 responses to “Welcome and Hello…

  1. Gary…Check to see that some of the links do not connect with documents and pages. Also I listened to entire Wednesday phone meeting to hear you speal a few brief times.


  2. From: Anna von Reitz
    Date: Fri, Feb 5, 2016 at 6:43 PM
    Subject: Are You Aware? — Crucial for Ammon Bundy
    To: mike@arnoldlawfirm.com

    Most lawyers trained in American law schools in the past fifty years have NOT been trained about land jurisdiction, nor have they been properly trained about the jurisdiction of the air, either.

    But prior to that time, those who are now late 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s knew the Federal System and knew it well.

    Ammon Bundy is being mischaracterized as a “Domestic Terrorist”— “Domestic” that is, with respect to the Federal United States, but he is not now and never was a Federal United States Citizen. He is a native of the Continental United States. The false presumption otherwise was created by fraud against him and his parents when he was just a baby to enrich the British Crown Corporation and pump up the war effort during WWII. After WWII they just continued press-ganging Americans into the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea. That fraud is about to come down on top of the perpetrators

    You would do well to avoid any implication in their misdeeds.

    Ammon Bundy has never knowingly or willingly operated as a “person” in his life. He has never operated a merchant marine vessel in any capacity whatsoever. He never knowingly volunteered to be a franchisee or sought any benefit of incorporation. Any action taken against him on the basis of these absurd and self-interested presumptions is an act of personage and those bringing these charges against him are actively involved—-whether they know it or not— in barratry.

    He is a plain old American Rancher and his Constitutional guarantees are being violated. Now that you know these facts it is up to you to bring it to the attention of your brethren in the court and to stop this travesty in its tracks.

    As you will see if you look at Amendment VII of the Constitution of the United States (which says verbatim the same as the actual Constitution through Amendment 12) you will see that living people are owed Common Law and Ammon Bundy is owed Common Law and a trial by jury of his peers— meaning men and women like him who are aware of their guarantees and their position as “free sovereign and independent people of the United States” —- not British Subject “inhabitants” here to provide essential governmental services.

    Ammon and his co-defendants are not subject to the jurisdiction of the sea nor to any “Special Admiralty” court venue. They are non-Domestic, non-resident aliens with respect to you and your entire Court System and you have been duly advised. We require actual justice, not just an appearance thereof.

    You’ve agreed to be his attorney, but you can’t be his attorney because you are a Bar Member. At best you can be a faithful Counselor, but I doubt that the Court will pay your share of the performance bonds if you do.

    I know you don’t want to hear this, but it is true. Your United States Grand Jury is welcome to bring an indictment against the Bundy family and our Federal Grand Jury is welcome to bring an indictment against all the foreign agents masquerading as “FBI” and “BLM” and also against those members of the “US District” Court System who are pretending to be operating within their charter.

    I will leave it to you to figure out whether the tail really wags the dog or not. We are here to answer any questions you might have.

    Judge Anna Maria Riezinger
    (907) 250-5087

    If you care about Ammon and Justice, your first job is to see to it that his political status is corrected.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi, I want to donate some funds to Steve Curry, I could NOT find the link by the ‘Slide Bar” TY.

    The US/US Inc. all states, all counties have already been taken, we are 100% occupied and controlled by the ABA/BAR, the Parties, Wall Street all self-regulated, the ABA/BAR has a Monopoly on our/THEIR Judicial Branch and up to 70% of all other government positions are filed by ABA/BAR members; MOREOVER, the ABA/BAR controls the entire DOJ and the FBI, US Marshals, DEA, ATF etc……….THEY will double down very soon, there is a 5 month buffer or run way; markets will crash, currency the main cause and Mother Nature will upheave in the ensuing two years……..We must Rise Up, Close Ranks, we must Unite……GOD is with us; GOD Bless all of you and TY for all you do! Greg Todd, they set their hooks from day one…………today they have it all.


  4. I got this website from my pal who told me on the topic of this web page
    and at the moment this time I am browsing this
    web page and reading very informative articles or reviews at this place.


  5. critique of the h- cattle company sign;
    have you ever tried to prove a negative? its impossibile.
    a more provable notice goes something like this in my opinion…

    i, a man; property
    keep out
    trespass and risk your life
    man found within boundary will be shot
    wrongdoer will be shot again
    this law strictly enforced.


  6. Bundy, Harmon and all that are entangled in the usurpation by the commercial agencies have a very serious flaw in their approaches to “lawfully addressing the “system”. FIrst they neither know who they themselves are nor, the status of the quasi-gov.

    28 USC 3002 says the federal Gov and it’s agencies are CORPORATIONS
    NOT GOVERNMENT “by the People”. Unless they get these agencies to identify their true status then they submit to a false plaintiff.

    There too, Harmon and all are projecting themselves to be “citizens” of the United States, “A CORPORATION” , that is just plainly a fools statement. If you have never been in or were born in DC you can’t be a “citizen” of the CORP.
    BUT if anyone has in the past signed any corporations documents claiming to be a “U.S. citizen”, when in fact you are not, then you’ve committed perjury. Yet more so IF these agencies have
    (1.) falsely conveyed their status and authority, and
    (2.) cannot show from where the Constitution grants a delegation of authority to a “corporation” (which there is no provision as such).
    (3.) The U.S. Corp., through a devious deceptive means, has intentionally kept from the people the “nature” of it’s actions, then they have implemented a scheme to get Men/people to perjure their claim of status, there by the agencies are guilty of subordination of perjury.
    (4.) The defendants, one who claims to be a citizen, therefore NOT one of the “people”, but establishing that one has volunteered themselves into servitude in exchange for “Benefits and Privileges”, thereby forfeiting their “Rights” guaranteed by the oaths and offices of the Fiduciary electors of the True “The united States of America” (as declared in the Articles of Confederation) Constitution.

    See slavery has been abolished by one can volunteer to indentured servitude, and that’s exactly what these “citizens” have done, Volunteered to be slaves, and slaves have no rights to Constitutional guarantees. And when these slaves don’t abide to the rules they’ve agreed to follow by contract then they are in breach and are now liable under contract commercial law.

    This is all in a nutshell. But until these people realize who they are and “what” capacity the “System” is processing them in, then they will loose.


  7. I have had hope that we can fix this nation, I can honestly say there is no way to fix this, it has to start over. that plants x they keep talking about..well I hope it comes soon.


  8. Why on earth is there always a hateful Bible thumper around to sound off about hell fire and examination, do you honestly believe because you quote a written word from text that it’s so. I think you should find your own voice and leave it up to the maker to express his will in his own way.


  9. Any constitution up to the 12th amendment is valid, for the original 13th amendment you can go to http://4-cd.com and select the “Other important Documents” tab on the left side. You will find it there. Otherwise you can search the internet for the “Original 13th amendment.” all amendments after that were created by the corporation UNITED STATES.


  10. We the Patriots and we the people so much appreciate all you are doing for the people. Too long have people been blind to all that is going on and I feel this is a very good thing you are doing for the people. Be safe and stay strong. I will always have your 6.


  11. I’d like to introduce myself…I’m Randall Townsend and I’ve already filed an Action against local Law Enforcement for arresting me for “Driving Without a License”, even to the point of strip searching me. I won that case against them, using a Court of Record, in Hamilton County District Court, Hamilton, TX. I’ve since been arrested again by the local police, while the Sheriff County Deputies have left me alone…I filed a Federal Action against the local Police action on 29Jul16. I just received an Order of Dismissal from the Judge today and will be filing a Writ of Error in days. I am a member of the American People’s Peacekeepers and our head is Michael Hamilton and our website is http://www.afreecountry.com. Hope we can all get together as a massive Team and help each other take America Back to Common Law.

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  12. Hi, I’m British and I live in Scotland, UK.
    Both myself and my fiancee wants to become Sovereign and we are determined to do so but we really need some help as unlike the U.S. the British constitution (and so on are hidden) so it’s not as easy as it is to become Sov here than it is to do so within the U.S. (which is a pity!) so if anyone can help both myself and my fiancee then that would be utterly amazing! Thank you . . J . . ( Not sure if it’s safe to leave my contact info here so I haven’t done so but can if need be!)


  13. I hate to break this to you but we are no more sovereign than you thy just have most of the population believing so, but we are working on it. !!


  14. Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it! Ahhh OKi, thanks for letting me know. I’m aiming towards it though like my sister who lives in Colorado, U.S. as she was sworn in a few days or so ago so my aim is to do the same (hopefully!) before the end of this year . . . I’ve been researching it none stop but as I’ve said I’m having some trouble . . .


  15. I’m reaⅼly enjoying thе thеme/desiցn of youг website.

    Do you ever run into any internet browser compatibility issues?
    A small number of my blog audience have complained about my website not working correctlʏ in Explorer but loօks great in Opera.
    Do you have аny suggestions to help fiҳ this probⅼem?


  16. Very exited to learn this knowledge looking forward to helping the world to this great awakening thanks for everything .


  17. Judge Darby is a critic yet he doesn’t get out much didn’t see him out on Nevada or Oregon easy to trash a leader .


  18. please add a search feature to the site.

    i found the following resources extremely helpful:

    very important insight from man who has passport, talks about the copper moon shine stills site and adds some helpful tips.

    keep in mind: on this page,

    Section 101(a)(21) of the INA defines the term “national” as “a person owing permanent allegiance to a state.”

    but just a little further down…..read it ALL in context ……

    “national of the United States” includes all U.S. citizens as well as persons who, though not citizens of the United States, OWE PERMANENT ALLEGIANCE TO THE United States (non-citizen nationals).

    Section 101(a)(36) of the Immigration and Nationality Act:

    The term “State” includes the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands of the United States.

    when using “includes”, only the next listed items are “included”…..what you do NOT see here are any of the several states…….

    recommend using an affidavit attached as an exhibit to the passport app. (as recommended by the man in the video above. Stating as “they” like:

    “It is my intention to be”…….an American state national.(they want you to say “national”

    i will declare that “i am ” an American state national, a Montanan [c.f. country…title 28, 50 states= countries = freely associated compact states] [c.f. the United States government is a foreign corporation/corpse with respect to a state citing in Merriam’s estate, 36 N.E. 505 141 N.Y. 479, affirmed U.S. v. Perkins, 16 S. Ct. 1073, 163 U.S. 625, 41 L. Ed 287] [c.f. C.J.S. 883], one of we the people on the several states, abiding on colorado….blah blah blah….and as such i will require/demand free movement of i and my property unfettered, not harassed, never assaulted upon the land.

    the whole document for review here:
    same comes up and is all stated when researching non citizen national passport.



  19. Hello and welcome, I understand your comment although you are incorrect. I have spent a good amount of time traveling to eastern Oregon giving free seminars. Being that I am retired without pension, I am limited tot he actual amount of traveling that I am able to do. If I had a choice, I would be on the road 6 months out of the year giving free educational classes in every city that I could.

    With that in mind, I research and study to be a better Land Jurisdiction common law Judge while at the same time working on ways to help people… nothing is instantaneous.. research takes time, a lot of it.

    If you would like to assist me I would be more than happy to have you work with me.


  20. I cannot say much on the Passport issue at the moment as I have not dived into that issue yet. I do know that you have to read everything first, for example they list National, but then define it as a US Citizen… Not what you want.


  21. I strongly appreciate Steve Curry and many others. I just separated myself from the group after Steve was arrested because of the rudeness of some of the individuals, but I am still loyal to the cause, and Steve, and many others.


  22. When one learns how to open their court of record: common law. The courts listen and one needs to know that the court of record is not part of the corporate government structure. It’s totally separate of the corporate courts, but is held in their court room. Freedom is found there. One can practice law there with out their coporate rules. In fact, supreme court says it’s not only our right but duty.


  23. Evidently you people do not know what you are doing, when you buck the government you are messing with Briton DC is Brit territory and the bankers run it and our elected Gov Reps are working for them not for Briton or the 50 states since inception of the UN they don’t even hold an office. Ronald Barnes


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