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Click here for a good introduction video to the real Land Jurisdiction, the authority of the people and Grand Juries

We do not support the NLA, although there are many good people associated with the NLA. Please go to the section “An Introduction to Understanding” and download everything you need to learn… some links are to the NLA education site. Rodger Dodwell is no longer associated with the NLA. Also get yourself a copy of “Consent Of the Governed” by Jason W. Hoyt, it has a lot to do with Common Law. We have found that the Grand Juries that the NLA has tried to organized are in fact under the Statutory Jurisdiction codified Federal Common law and not Land Jurisdiction Common Law.

The Grand Jury Process -added 21 Jan 16

Current Understanding of the Constitutional Judiciary System -added 21 Jan 16

Powers generally understood to belong to the Attorney General at

common law added 21 Jan 16

“Learn how our Constitutional System of government was suppose to work, Not how it is working today!”

“What is a Common Law Grand Jury?”

“Why we need a Grand Jury”

“Truth about Grand Juries”

“The Powers of a Grand Jury & a Trial jury”

“The Peoples Panel 1634 – 1941” a (PDF) book by Richard Younger

Important documents you need to have and know…

Jury Nullification PowerPoint presentation

The following have been linked from Sovereign Project . These documents are foundational to understanding and regaining your Sovereign Rights. You Were Born Sovereign! You will find other Supporting documents under ”Research.” Here’s to Regaining Your Rights and Freedoms!

SOVEREIGNTY – A Brief Explanation
This document is a simple explanation of Commerce and Jurisdiction. Through a Deceptive Contract, the people Exchanged their God-Given and Constitutionally Protected Rights and Freedoms for Privileges; their Freedoms for Slavery and Servitude.

SOVEREIGNTY LOST – You Were Born Sovereign!

You were Born Sovereign! Sovereignty Lost is a brief history of how our GOD-Given Rights were first Acknowledged in 1215 AD, Guaranteed in 1787 AD by the lawful  Constitution ‘for’ the United States, and then Stolen by the unlawful Acts and Contracts of this Corporation we call a Government… A Lawful Government can NOT be a CORPORATION! Don’t Just Believe It! Do Your Own Research – Try to Prove It Wrong!

THE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO BE LEFT ALONE When you think about it, the greatest Right a Sovereign has is to be left alone to enjoy Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness… This article causes one to think… Most have no idea of what we have lost and are continuing to lose…

FDRS FOLLY – THE NEW DEAL What seemed like a Great Deal actually undermined the Health, Wealth and Law of this nation and its people…

WHAT MAKES A VALID CONTRACT Nolo Press Document: What are the basic elements of a valid contract.

PREMISES OF IDENTITY – JURISDICTION – LAW AND CONTRACT There are 4 basic aspects of Sovereignty: Who We Are, Who Has Authority, What Is the Basis of Law, and Is There A Valid Contract. Your Freedom is based upon knowing your way around these points.

CODES TO LEARN AND KNOW United States Codes and Uniform Commercial Codes to learn and know. These Codes in addition to the U.S. Constitution for the United States and of each State will help you protect and defend your rights.

THE SEVEN POINT CONTENT OF A COMMERCIAL PROCESS OR INSTRUMENT  The 7 must have elements of a lawful and binding document utilizing “Full Disclosure.”

WHAT IS AN AFFIDAVIT – BASICS Here is an example of an Affidavit. There are many forms of Affidavit such as Affidavit Fact, Demand, Distress, etc. however the basic format is similar in its basic parts.

3 Am Jur 2d AFFIDAVITS SECTIONS 1 – 20 An Affidavit is a lawful document as it is a “Commercial Bond” based upon you own commercial liability. This is the reference the lawyers and courts use. Pay particular attention to sections 8 and 20.

AFFIDAVIT LAW CITES These law cites show the power of a properly executed Affidavit.


Davy Crocket found the Truth a long time ago! He, like us, needed someone to explain it to him… Find out what truth he found and why he left his public office over it!


The following have been linked from the National Liberty Alliance (for educational purposes only)

Introduction to Common Law Lecture (3 hrs 31 min)

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Intro to Common Law 01

Intro to Common Law 02

Intro to Common Law 03



Common Law Procedure Lecture (7 hrs 22 min)

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Common Law Lecture, Court of Record (7 hrs 20 min)

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Common Law Lecture, Motions (7 hrs 42 min)

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Notice of Motion; Facts (Affidavit or Declaration); Brief / Points & Authorities; Point(s) being made; Authorities supporting the jurisdiction, applicable law; Argument in support of the point (This is where you connect all the law, facts, and reasoning); Proof of Service(so the court knows who got a copy); Proposed Order ready for signature (so the court won’t have to type it if granted); (Normally attorneys may not submit an order without leave of court)


Show me the law – (3 hrs 25 min) – This was originally a seven hour conference that some one reduced to about three and a half hours. I think the reason it was reduced is because a lot of it was covered in the lectures above. The focus of this series is to offer an understanding of how the IRS gets away with and wins 99.9% of their cases. This valuable information offers hope to those who just refuse o be willing slaves.

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Radio interview with Bill Thornton Length 1-1/2 hours & Talk shoe 4-3/3 hrs

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Radio interview Rob Ryder – Affidavits and Court of Record – Length 1-1/4 hours

Carl Miller

Constitution 1 of 3

Constitution 2 of 3

Constitution 3 of 3



The power of the Grand Jury is to write true bills of indictment, true bills of presentments and true bills of information.