Bill Of Exchange Info

Link: Hopefully, we are providing everything that you need in order to get started in using the Bills of Exchange attached to the Oath of Office of Public Officials.


You need to be aware that you will probably NOT see a penny out of these BOE’s; Their sole purpose is to take down the corporate public officials that are dishonest.


Note: While all of these files are in PDF format, should you need to edit any of them for your situation, just do the following:


  1. Open the file and right click on the text (this should open an Options Box)
  2. Left Click on ‘Select All’ (all of the contents should be highlighted) and then select ‘copy’
  3. Open whatever program you want to use for editing the information and open a new document in that program.
  4. In the new document, ‘right click’ and select ‘paste’ the selected information should now be showing in your new document so that you can make changes.

Educational Documents

This is a good basic explanation of what a Promissory note is

   Link: What Is A Promissory Note 

This is an AMAZING piece of work! All US Code and based on SALVAGE. It will need to be edited for your particular issue (just follow instructions in NOTE above).

   Link: US Wide Template-SALVAGE LIEN 04_10_2015

Additional information and links on BoE’s and Intl Promissory Notes 


Colorado’s ‘Official’ liability manual 65 pages

   Link: Colorado Officials Liability Handbook – Preventing any Liability

An Oath of Office is a CONTRACT!

   Link: Oath of Office Laws

The General Nature of Oaths and Affirmations

   Link: Oaths and Affirmations

Actual examples of Oaths

   Link: Hautzinger’s Oath of Office

Basically formal admission of insurance fraud

   Link: Montrose Commissioner’s Admissions

13 page definition of Sui Juris

   Link: Sui Juris Non JUDAS

14 page explanation of BoE’s

   Link: Bill of Exchange

Example and template for BoE’s

   Link: User Friendly BILL OF EXCHANGE 2015

Template for explaining the BoE to bank manager/president


Template for acceptance of the BoE

   Link: Bank Confirmation of Receipt

Excellent information about liens