5 – Friday Conference Calls 2015

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The Following are the Conference Calls for 2015:

Over time I will try to categorize the information in each audio…

All Calls can be downloaded…

12/25/2015   https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback.html?n=IJZk4/jED5s

12/18/2015  Starts out with an update of Steve and Sandra, talks about their situation with their house…


12/11/2015 This call has Steve Curry on it for about 15 min from Jail, Judge Anna also speaks with us. Very difficult to hear Steve.


2/04/2015 Information about the web site, update on Judge Curry and Sandra, Probate and Judge Anna, Arrest Warrant delivered to Sheriff, How the Sheriff miss-treated threatened and harmed Sandra, Discussion… Off grid power, Strategy for Sandra, Judge Anna V. Reitz… setting up a continental court system Land jurisdiction… (Federal government has never been an actual government rather it is an association), Information about the ABA/IBA Lien… , discussion on state constitutions, Robert Horton? On Post-office, we have to bring back the “Peoples Grand Jury.”


11/27/2015  Judge Curry update, Judge Doucette has put together an arrest order for the Mesa Co. Sheriff, Original 13th amendment and bar members (see documents under the heading of Judge Doucette), NLA issues and J Durash, China and Russia discussion, proclaiming liberty throughout the land – constitution – national center by constitutional study www.nccs.net, the basis of the problem is that people have done nothing and allow the rogue politicians to control the population… we need to hold the local gov. responsible…, BLM is to manage the people not the land, you have to take back your county from the Corporation…


11/20/15 https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback.html?n=IJZk4/jmfWn

11/13/15 https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback.html?n=IJZk4/jm88Z

11/5/15   Judge Byfield having been released from incarceration, etc…

10/30/15  https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback.html?n=IJZk4/jLMI7

10/23/15   https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback/?n=IJZk4/jLm0R

10/16/15  https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback.html?n=IJZk4/jLKHr

10/9/15    https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback.html?n=IJZk4/jL1Nq

10/2/15   https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback.html?n=IJZk4/jLXll

9/25/15 https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback.html?n=IJZk4/jLGH6

The first hour was great, but that was the only hour I was on

9/18/15     https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback.html?n=IJZk4/jLz76

Special Call for Judges and Marshals – some REALLY good info here

9/15/15     https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback.html?n=IJZk4/jLDHQ

What AMAZING people! These calls just keep getting gooder and gooder!

9/11/15     https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback.html?n=IJZk4/jk27Y

Not at all what I was expecting, but EXCELLENT conversations!

9/10/15      https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback.html?n=IJZk4/jklKb

SPECIAL CALL – and did we cover a LOT! A MUST listen!

9/8/15      https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback.html?n=IJZk4/jkNmf

PACKED with good information on Foreclosure and Liens of Distress

9/4/15    Religious arguing/discussion will not be tolerated, Steve Curry, Hartford Van Dyke; How you become a Superior court Judge or a Marshal, How it is that we have the power to do what we do. (17 min) Lawyers and Bankers are done… issue affidavits on mortgage company and process used… issued lien on mortgage company and law firm and injunction, (22 min) MERS corp.,(38:40min) Randy in Georgia – foreclosure –debt validation letter (whatliesinyourmortgage.com) discussion, (56 min) Birth Certificate, ticket discussion – driv. Lic. (74:00) Declaration and why you are returning the DL create your own ID etc… , (85 min) How would we file as a judge/Marshal… we notify – not ask, (92:30) Arresting a Judge,(94:00) foreclosure issue cannot separate P-note and mortgage, P-note is redeemable under the Federal Reserve Act Sec 16, UCC 3-205, 12 USC 411, Challenge with 15 USC – 1 (all contracts/trusts) & 2 (courts are monopolistic), Case: Gaar vs. Louisville Banking Company (1874) & Smith vs. Maryland (1882), UCC 3-502 witness to delivery of note, USC Title 28 Section 1333, Carpenter vs Longan (1872), Sovereign makes the common law (112:40 min), Codified Common law – BAR (115 min), Fed Rules of Civil Proc. – 8(a), Codified Common law can easily be used against us by the BAR (118 min), Pure Natural Law (121 min), Rundle v. Delaware & Raritan Canal Company (page 55), Holt v. United States (1910), TRINSEY v. PAGLIARO “Only listen to judge not lawyers”, Porter v. Porter Atty cannot testify as witness (heresy) compromising his role as advocate…, Hartford talking (130 min), Lien vs. Distress… Criminal Complaint USC Title 18 section 4, Title 42 sec 1994, Title 18 sec 1581, (if public official tries to retaliate against you…): Laws you really need to know: USC Title 18 section 3 & 4, USC Title 18 sec 241 & 242, USC Title 18 sec 1001, USC Title 1621 & 1622, USC Title 18 sec 1581, USC Title 42 sec 1983, 1985, 1986, 1994. Courts have no jurisdiction over commerce… Civil v. Criminal law and Natural Law, Very interesting philosophical discussion…


Good conversation, lot’s of good information from different people.

8/28/15     https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback.html?n=IJZk4/jkJ2A

What a wonderful community we are building here!

8/21/15       https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback.html?n=IJZk4/jktZt

New connections, great information sharing AND education. We are really coming together!

8/14/15       https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback.html?n=IJZk4/jkUCY

Special Call about the Animas River possible solutions and actions

8/13/15       https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback.html?n=IJZk4/jkCWl

CPS solutions and more Family bonding – feels GOOD!

8/7/15           https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback.html?n=IJZk4/jkHnB


7/31/15          https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback.html?n=IJZk4/jsncf

This one felt like a GREAT family conference!

7/24/15         https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback.html?n=IJZk4/jsqgM

LORD – This one was AMAZING!!!
7/17/15        https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback.html?n=IJZk4/jsfQD

Certainly covered a lot of territory on this one!

7/10/15         https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback.html?n=IJZk4/js09r

Good PEOPLE – Good Conversation

7/3/15          https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback.html?n=IJZk4/jgVJL

Covered a lot of territory on this one!

6/26/15        https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback.html?n=IJZk4/jgus3

This Community just keeps getting STRONGER!

6 /20/15       https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback.html?n=IJZk4/jgBOZ

What a COMMUNITY of Knowledge!

6/12/15          https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback.html?n=IJZk4/jgGRA

Just when I thought they couldn’t get any better!

6/5/15           https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback.html?n=IJZk4/jgayq

Went into new territory on this one!

5/29/15         https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback.html?n=IJZk4/j5sQ1

Special Tues Solutions call

5/26/15        https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback.html?n=IJZk4/j5v8C

!!!(they just keep getting GOODER)!!!

5/22/15       https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback.html?n=IJZk4/j5AFx

5/15/15      https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback.html?n=IJZk4/j5pCX

5/8/15       https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback.html?n=IJZk4/j5z71


!!!(this one is EXCEPTIONAL!)!!!

5/1/15        Hartford Van Dyke; Bio and Self history, Pearl Harbor, Judicial system, Criminal Complaint, (70 min.)Liens, Distresses, commerce vs statutory Lien, (79 min) Proper Service by mail, (83 min) Steve Curry talks about BoE and Rod Class, All courts are Federal – franchises of the federal, (90 min), Commercial aspect of Marriage,(95 min) IRS issues operating in fraud (100 Min), A Case Stops at the first defect… (105 min), the BAR is a union… dissolving the BAR, Attorneys vs Lawyers, Talking about Liens (145 min), traffic ticket, Call if you need help, Monetizing Lien and money.