Links and items to look at or be aware of

This is the link page to guest speakers and other issues of importance…

Jefferson Mining District: If you didn’t know, these people are fighting a tremendous fight for land rights, they have a lot of critical information on their web site here:

We have Joined together with the Michigan Assembly web site:

Must Watch Video… JFK to 9-11 a Everything is a Rich man’s Trick… 3 hr Video 

Green Island Project…  A humanitarian project operating outside of the corporate umbrella that is working on helping and advancing humanity but needs funding to get off the ground.

American History in Perspective (Great place for history)

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

US Code (USC)

Constitutional Jurisdiction… – This was originally a site for constitutional Judges and Marshalls it is now open to everybody.

The Sovereign Project… – This is a great resource page for documents (look under research) and other things

Natural News – This is a great information source to find out what is happening concerning the safety of your food. organic food, regulations, govt. control of your food, and more.

Geo-Engineering Watch – Geo-Engineering Affects You, Your Environment, and Your Loved Ones This is a highly important issue to become aware of.

Sovereign 2 Serf – 

Republic Keepers –


Http:// select <Start Hereto get started This is an excellent site for information based upon the work of Bill Thornton who is working with us directly on the Bundy – Patriot cases…

Legal Research Links

  1. America’s Law Links: Legal Resource Center
  2. Annotated U.S. Constitution
  3. Bouviers Law Dictionary 1856 Edition
  4. Citizens’ Justice Programs — Info for Pro-Se Litigants
  5. Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
  6. Duke University Legal Research Guides
  7. Federal Court Rules
  8. Federal Judiciary Homepage
  9. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
  10. Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
  11. Federal Rules of Evidence
  12. FORMSGURU.COM – Over 200 legal forms and business letters
  13. FindLaw: Internet Legal Resources
  14. GPO Gate: Gateway to Federal Information
  15. LAWIDEA.COM: Open directory of legal resources
  16. LAWRESEARCH.COM: “Largest Law Library on the Internet”
  17. LAWGURU.COM – Legal Questions, Answers, and Research
  18. ‘Lectric Law Library
  19. Quicklaw Internet Law Library
  20. U.S. Code
  21. U.S. Supreme Court resources


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