3 – Hartford Van Dyke

You can contact Hartford for help at 509-738-3039 or write P.O.Box 831, Kettle Falls, Washington, 99141-0831 (be sure to send return postage). Please call ONLY between 10am and 6pm Pacific time. If you like any of the work that he has done, then please donate something to his effort and paying the rent. Thank you…


The Bank Book (2015)

The Right to Keep and Bear Liens (2013)

How to Create Currencies for Local Communities (2002)

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars (1979)

Hartford Van Dyke – The truth about Pearl Harbor: The skeleton In Uncle Sam’s Closet (1973)

What All Free Men Want (????)

Documents created by Harford:

Hartford Van Dyke Complaint -01

Hartford Van Dyke Complaint -02

Hartford Van Dyke Removal Distress-Removal Lien

Hartford Van Dyke – Lien

Hartford Van Dyke Demand for removal of Criminal Cases

Hartford Van Dyke Distress on Judicial Bond

How Jewish law became English law

Structure of American Economics

Key Documents:

Hartford Van Dyke Banking Manual

Create Legal Local Community Currency

Hartford Van Dyke-What matters Most reduced

Van Dyke Criminal Complaint – Blank

Harford Van Dyke – Consensual Liens

US vrs Pittner 2014_04_30_17_06_52

US Vrs Nolan-VanDyke 2014_04_30_17_01_35

The Public Wealth Rebate Notes 2014_04_30_16_57_46

Criminal Complaint Form 2014_04_30_16_53_47

Key Audio Files and Interviews:

5/1/15        Hartford Van Dyke; Bio and Self history, Pearl Harbor, Judicial system, Criminal Complaint, (70 min.)Liens, Distresses, commerce vs statutory Lien, (79 min) Proper Service by mail, (83 min) Steve Curry talks about BoE and Rod Class, All courts are Federal – franchises of the federal, (90 min), Commercial aspect of Marriage,(95 min) IRS issues and incarceration,